"If we are what we repeatedly do excellence
then is not an act but a habit"


Life isn’t perfect, and people aren’t perfect. So why should houses be perfect?

If the roof isn’t completely straight or the paint has an imperfection, that’s not the end of the world. Where you live just has to reflect who you are"


Proportions are meticulously considered.

Raw Capsule arises from the need that the Anna Alegre studio has to place old pieces that fit into the projects.
The objective of this collection will not be to search for singular pieces every season, but rather the pieces will be introduced as the studio deems it convenient or needs it for the projects that are being developed at that time.

On the contrary, the Anna Alegre Collection is a collection of interior furniture carefully designed and thought to be received as a timeless collection.
The designs are simple, manufactured with quality materials and where the details are highly important. It is not about looking for what is worn, but the objective is to create timeless pieces that have an eternal life and do not go out of style.

About Us

Our projects and interiors are rich because we design thinking in layers.

As architects we design the first one as the most important, the one that brings functionality, order and simplicity, it brings the concept in the design. The next to come are the opposite, as interior designers we try to break this simplicity adding depth to the concept and space.

m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e m o r e

A design created
to excite people

Noluisse suscipit interpretaris duo id utamur legendos cum autem iusto ac democritum ne cum. Ne quo consul democritum, legimus probo.