Team Work

Our Studio is the best combination between Anna Alegre as Founder & Creative Director, Paula Monserrat Senior Architect, Marta Vicens Architect, Abril Torres Interior Designer, Gisela Domenech Technical Architect, Bernat Navarro Technical Architect, Salut Monras Graphical Designer & Social Media, Marta Lloveras administration.


And our extended team is: Josep Lluis Ortega, Sergi Millan, Ignasi Pallares, Albert Ferrer, Gerard Albert, Espai eficiencia …

Collaborations with: Terkon Egara, Rampa Capital, Jordi Castilla, Aldacar Construccions, Abrils Studio Design & Managment.

Our values

We are an architecture and interior desing office based in Barcelona and Madrid. We create contemporary and atemporal projects for our clients adding our special touch to make them special and different.

Our projects and interiors are rich because we design thinking in layers. As architects we design the first one as the most important, the one that brings functionality, order and simplicity, it brings the concept in the design.

The next to come are the opposite, as interior designers we try to break this simplicity adding depth to the concept and space. We bring together diferent handmade artcrafts and combine them with the new technology, both are used to maximize interior space and restore the unique elements of every building.

We are deeply committed to turn every project into a chic and functional property that respects its origins and the character of the city around it.


With respect to the history of the place, balancing space and materials, this potential can be unlocked in our designs.
A/ Localisation, Our Studio helps customers to find their unique place.

B/ Full design, those who already have found their ideal place, our Studio offers to translate imagination into reality by means of an architectural design considering both the interior and exterior space.

C/ Interior design, in cases where change is preferred to be limited to the interior space, the Studio will still be able to astonish our customers by demonstration of their creative skills to make the place one might have lived in for years seem like a new home.

D/ Decoration, full decoration once you have the box full defined, customers that need a small changes on the inside.

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A design created
to excite people

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